How to care for potted roses as house plants - tips and tricks

How to care for potted roses as house plants - tips and tricks

The right pot for your roses

Depending on the size of the potted rose, use a medium to large flower pot. You can also plant a hanging variety in a hanging basket (€ 14.99 on Amazon *). Since roses have deep roots, the pot should not be shallow. Choose the size so that the root ball still has about 10 centimeters of space all around.

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The material of the flower pot largely depends on your preferences, but it should definitely have a hole in the bottom so that excess water can easily drain away. Put a few potsherds over it so that the earth is not washed out when watering.

The best place for potted roses

Potted roses like it light and airy, also in the apartment, but don't really need the midday sun. It is best to position the plants so that they receive a lot of light in the morning and / or afternoon, but are slightly shaded over midday.

Even if you keep the roses as indoor plants, treat them to a little fresh air on the balcony or terrace in summer. Your potted rose likes to spend the winter a little cooler, which also increases the chance of a beautiful bloom next year. The winter quarters should be cool and dark.

Water and fertilize properly

Water your potted roses regularly and not too scarcely, but avoid waterlogging. The water should also not stay in the planter. Freshly planted or repotted, your potted rose doesn't need any fertilizer for a few weeks. Then add liquid rose fertilizer (€ 11.41 at Amazon *) to the irrigation water about once a week. Alternatively, use slow release fertilizers.

The best tips for potted rose care:

  • plant in a sufficiently large pot
  • place light and airy
  • water and fertilize regularly
  • Use rose or slow release fertilizer
  • Water less and do not fertilize in winter


It is best to keep potted roses outside. Give the plants a place on the balcony or terrace in summer.