Remove or dig up old lawn?

Remove or dig up old lawn?

Remove or dig up old lawn

Whether you are removing an old lawn or just digging it up depends on how much work and money you want to invest.

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All you need to remove is a spade and wheelbarrow. There are only costs if you borrow a lawn scraper from a hardware store. You then only have to take care of the disposal.

To dig up lawns, you'll also need a spade or, if you want to make things easier for yourself, a tiller. The old lawn will be submerged and does not have to be disposed of.

Advantages and disadvantages of removing

When digging up and removing, you get all weeds, moss, etc. out of the ground. The area can be occupied again immediately.

However, the disposal of the roots and part of the topsoil is a serious interference with the health of the soil. The microorganisms that provide aeration for the soil and the decomposition of dead plant residues are disturbed and take a long time to settle again.

Advantages and disadvantages of digging

When digging up, you have to make sure that you plant flowering weeds, in particular, quite deep into the earth. Otherwise they will germinate quickly and you will have a flowering meadow.

The advantage of digging is that the above-ground parts of the plant and the roots remain in the ground. They rot there and release nutrients into the substrate.

The microorganisms are also disturbed when digging up, but not as lastingly as when the old lawn is completely removed.

Methods for removing an old lawn

To remove an old lawn, you have several options:

  • Remove the lawn with the spade
  • Remove lawn by digging
  • Peel off the lawn
  • Cover the lawn


If you want to dig up large amounts of lawn, we recommend using a tiller. These are available in different versions. This makes the work much easier.