Create a stone bed step by step

Create a stone bed step by step

Plan the stone bed

Before starting work, you should plan the stone bed to be designed. To do this, first measure it out and roughly sketch it on a piece of paper. Then it's time to do your research: Look at pebbles and plants for stone beds on the Internet or in the garden center and make a choice. Consider it:

  • The stone bed lives on solitary plants. Put only a few, effective plants.
  • Plan the borders of the beds or the borders of the individual plants with larger stones.
  • Choose different colored gravel to create beautiful patterns.

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The plant selection

Rock gardens are mostly planted with grasses and trees. These do not require much work, can cope with little water and are hardy and often evergreen. Think about how high your grasses or trees should grow and combine different heights as desired. A selection of the most beautiful, hardy plants for your stone bed can be found here.

A stone bed can also bloom! If you would like to create a flowering stone bed, choose flowering, drought-tolerant cushion plants or flowering shrubs such as rhodedendrons.

Correctly lay out a stone bed step by step

To create a bed with stones you need:

  • a spade
  • a rake
  • loads of pebbles
  • Field stones for demarcation
  • plants
  • Weed control
  • possibly compost
  • possibly sand
  • Mulch

1. Prepare the soil

Professional gardeners would dig and level the soil to a depth of about 10 cm before creating and then reapply the soil mixed with sand and possibly with compost. This is a lot of work and not strictly necessary.

It is enough if you dig the holes for the plants and work the soil here according to the requirements of the plants. This has the advantage that you can meet the special requirements of each plant individually, for example sandy soil for giant feather grass or special soil for rhododendron bushes.

So mix the soil specially for each planting hole and fill it with it.

2. Bed border

Now set the border of the bed. This can be a hedge of low-growing trees or a row of field stones or the like.

3. Place plants

Now plant your plants. Remember that a few centimeters of mulch (€ 213.00 at Amazon *) is applied to the surface.

4. Place weed control

Now cover the entire area with weed control (€ 28.90 at Amazon *). Cut holes in the fleece where plants will stand. Make sure that the strips overlap slightly.

5. Spread the gravel

Now spread a layer of pebbles one to several centimeters thick on the stone bed. Avoid the area around the plants in a circular manner.

6. Mulching

Now cover the area around the plants with a different colored gravel or mulch such as bark mulch.