Growing cucumbers - what to consider

Growing cucumbers - what to consider

The right type of cucumber for every hobby gardener

You can easily choose the right variety according to your taste or the later use of the cucumbers. You can choose between classic cucumber or small, short pickled cucumber. The F1 hybrid varieties are generally high-yielding. They were specially developed for outdoor cucumber growing or the greenhouse and do not need to be pollinated.

  • Printo - the most cold tolerant, refined mini snake cucumber for balconies and pots
  • Bimbostar F 1 - bitter-free pickled cucumber
  • Clementime F 1 - pickling cucumber, ripens in 45 days
  • La Diva F 1 - sweet, bitter-free refined house cucumber, for outdoors and in the greenhouse

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To obtain resistant, robust plants, you can refine cucumbers yourself or purchase refined cucumber plants. The advantage of pumpkin seedlings as a refinement base: They are more resistant to fungal diseases due to their stronger and less sensitive roots.

Cucumber cultivation in the greenhouse and in the field

Anyone who grows cucumbers in the greenhouse at the beginning of April should prepare the soil beforehand and attach shading nets and climbing cords to the roof. Cucumber plants can go outdoors in mid-May. Your location in the garden or on the balcony should be warm, sunny and sheltered from the wind.

Plant the cucumbers with a planting distance of half a meter. When the weather is good and provided with sufficient nutrients, the cucumber plants shoot up quickly. With special climbing aids you can steer growth and direction where there is space. Skimming the side shoots also prevents wild growth and the power of the plants remains in the flowers and fruits.

Can cucumbers also be grown on the balcony?

You can grow cucumbers on the balcony in a bucket or pot of at least 20 liters. Fill the planter with substrate or potting soil, plant cucumbers, attach to a support and place in a sheltered, sunny location.

Finally harvest time

The first cucumber harvest begins just two weeks after flowering - if sowing early in the greenhouse from the end of May. In the open air, pre-pulled cucumbers are ripe in mid July. If the skin is yellowish, the stage of maturity is exceeded. Cut off overripe fruits from the plant so as not to weaken it unnecessarily. With regular harvest, cucumber plants always produce new fruits. Ideally, you can harvest fresh cucumbers twice a week until September.

Grow cucumbers and choose neighbors

Good neighbors are beans, garlic, and dill. On the other hand, peas, cabbage and celery are less compatible with cucumbers.

Tips & Tricks

Snails love young cucumber plants. Protect the plants immediately after cultivation with a snail fence or scatter slug pellets (€ 16.78 on Amazon *).