Parsley is hardy and can withstand cold winters

Parsley is hardy and can withstand cold winters

Parsley is robust

Parsley, whether smooth, curly or moss-curled, is one of the robust aromatic herbs that can withstand sub-zero temperatures well. They also hardly need any maintenance in the winter months. In very cold locations, however, light winter protection does nothing. Suitable materials are:

  • straw
  • brushwood
  • leaves

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It is important that the winter protection is permeable to water so that the plants do not dry out in winter.

Tear out parsley after flowering

Parsley is biennial, which means that in the first year it only leaves but does not flower. Flowering does not begin until the summer of the second year.

After that, the plant can no longer be used, since the poisonous apiol accumulates in the leaves and especially in the seeds.

You do not need to bring a biennial parsley plant through the winter, as you will not be able to harvest it the following year anyway. Tear up the plants after flowering or seeding and plant a new row in a different location the next year.

Root parsley is not overwintered

With root parsley, winter hardiness does not matter. It belongs to the annual aromatic plants. The roots are dug up in autumn or winter.

You have to sow parsley roots every year.

Tips & Tricks

Hibernating parsley in a pot indoors is not that easy. She needs a cool place where she gets enough light. It has to be watered regularly but sparingly. Aphids, which attack the plants in poor site conditions, are a major problem.