Does the golden fruit palm get along with cats?

Does the golden fruit palm get along with cats?

No danger to cats

Since the golden fruit palm or areca palm is not poisonous, there is no risk of poisoning for cats or humans.

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However, you should never leave parts of plants lying around, be it fallen leaves or cut fronds. Curious cats like to mess with it and can choke on them quickly. The leaves are not digestible and can cause problems for the cat's stomach.

Most cats ignore the golden fruit palm anyway. You should only exercise some caution if you cannot rule out the possibility of your cat tampering with the indoor plants.

Set up the golden fruit palm in a safe place for cats

Even if there is no risk of poisoning, you should place the golden fruit palm in a location where your cat cannot reach it.

If the cat nibbles on the fronds, they will turn brown and unsightly. They don't grow back. If the cat accidentally destroys the vegetation point, the areca palm will even perish.

The pots on golden fruit palms can get very heavy, especially when the palm is older and larger. If the cat tears it down while playing, the risk of injury is not insignificant.


There are some palm species that look very similar to the golden fruit palm. Some of these are poisonous and should therefore not be grown in cat households. Check carefully what type of palm your plant is.