Eustoma or prairie gentian is not hardy

Eustoma or prairie gentian is not hardy

Eustoma is not hardy

Eustoma is native to the United States, where it grows in very sunny, warm locations. She cannot stand the cold. In our latitudes it is therefore only cultivated as a houseplant.

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The location should never be colder than ten degrees.

The prairie gentian is rarely grown for more than one season

Hibernating an eustoma is difficult. It needs a very bright place that is not too warm. It is therefore usually disposed of after flowering.

Hibernate eustoma properly

  • Light location
  • not below 10 degrees
  • pour little
  • do not fertilize

If you want to overwinter a prairie gentian, look for a location that is as bright as possible. If the plant does not get enough light, it will not survive the winter. Temperatures should be around ten degrees. Water very sparingly in winter so that the substrate does not dry out completely.

If the prairie gentian is also in a warmer location in winter, such as in the living room, you have to water a little more often. There is no fertilization in winter.

Watch out for pests during the winter. Eustoma is particularly susceptible to spider mites in a warm location.

Location claims of the Eustoma

In the warm summer you can put the Eustoma outside on the balcony or terrace. There she prefers a location with at least four hours of direct sun a day.

Put the prairie gentian under a rain cover. Do not use saucers or planters so that the water does not build up on the roots.

Since the eustoma is not hardy, it is only allowed to go outside when there is no longer any fear of frost, i.e. from the end of May. Get them back in time before the autumn nights get too chilly.


Propagating eustoma is not easy. It can be grown from seeds. However, consistently high temperatures must be guaranteed.