Transplanting raspberries is child's play

Transplanting raspberries is child's play

The best time to implement

Basically, you can turn your raspberries all year round. But it is cheaper to wait until after harvest before transplanting. Then the plants have enough strength to form new roots. They then grow faster.

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Digging up the raspberry plant

Pierce the digging fork about 20 to 30 centimeters deep around the plant. Then carefully lift the raspberry bush.

Make sure that you dig up all of the roots and especially the fine hair on them.

First, put the plant in a water bath for a few hours.

How to transplant the raspberry

  • Dig a new planting hole
  • Mix soil with compost or manure
  • If necessary, dig in a root barrier
  • Shorten the roots and shoots of the plant
  • Insert the raspberry plant
  • Press the earth lightly
  • Pouring on
  • Apply mulch cover

Choose a location in the sun and make sure that the soil has enough nutrients available. There shouldn't have been any berry bushes on the square before.

Before planting, check that the roots are healthy. Leave only a few branches per plant. Shorten very long shoots by half. Cut off long runners of the roots with sharp secateurs.

Tips for planting raspberry plants

Raspberries get along very well with turning. In the first year after transplanting, however, the bushes will bear only a small amount of fruit.

Raspberry bushes bear fruit for up to ten years. Moving older plants is therefore usually not worthwhile. If so, you should plant young plants straight away. You can easily grow raspberries yourself.

Put a mulch blanket under the new bushes. You don't have to water as much and you also keep the weeds at bay.

Tips & Tricks

Does the raspberry droop after transplanting? Then you should check whether the soil is sufficiently moist. If necessary, water a little more often. Make sure, however, that the irrigation water does not accumulate on the roots.

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