Planting a Christmas rose - how to do it right!

Planting a Christmas rose - how to do it right!

When is the best time to plant the snow rose?

Experts recommend autumn as the best time to plant a snow rose in the garden. Then the roots have enough time to adapt to the new environment.

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You can also plant the Christmas rose in spring. This is especially useful for snow roses that you kept in the house over Christmas.

As an alternative, you can plant the Christmas rose in a tub instead of in the bed and care for it on the terrace or balcony.

This is how you can plant the snow rose in the garden

  • Dig a deep planting hole
  • Loosen the soil well
  • Carefully insert the Christmas rose
  • Fill in soil loosely
  • Tread lightly on the ground
  • Pouring on

The Christmas rose has long roots. The planting hole should be at least twice as deep as the length of the root ball.

Pierce the soil several times with the digging fork to loosen it. Fill in some ripe compost. The Christmas rose doesn't need any more fertilizer.

Christmas roses are only planted so deep in the earth that the upper roots are just covered with earth. Do not step on the ground so that the earth does not compact.

Plant out the Christmas rose in the pot after flowering

The Christmas rose is very popular in the house for Christmas. But it is not a houseplant. After flowering, you should plant the snow rose outdoors.

Carefully accustom the Christmas rose in the pot to cooler temperatures beforehand. To do this, first put the pot outside for hours and bring it back in before it gets too cold outside.

The best time to choose to plant out the Christmas rose is a day when it is equally warm inside and outside.

Tips & Tricks

A loose garden soil is very important. If the garden soil is very compact, it helps to provide the planting hole with a drainage layer. Drainage is also recommended when the groundwater level is very high.

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