Squirrel Kobel in the garden - tips and interesting facts

Squirrel Kobel in the garden - tips and interesting facts

the essentials in brief

  • Kobel usually sit on forked branches, consist of leaves, branches and twigs are up to 50cm wide
  • Inside, the squirrel nests are padded with moss, leaves, grass, bark and feathers
  • Kobel are used to raise the young and as a place to sleep
  • Squirrels also like to accept man-made goblins

Squirrels build nests

The squirrel's nest is a hollow spherical structure that is often placed in a fork of branches or at the base of the branch. They are at heights of more than six meters. Squirrels usually enter their homes from below, which is why a loophole points downwards.

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The Kobel have two loopholes so that the animals can fly out of the second opening in the event of danger or siege of an entrance. A Kobel is ready after three to five days. Squirrels build multiple nests because they have different functions.

Brief overview:

  • Outside diameter : about 30 to 50 centimeters
  • Inner diameter : about 15 to 20 centimeters
  • Basic material : twigs, needles and leaves
  • Interior decoration : moss, leaves, grass, pieces of bark, feathers

Rearing boys

After a gestation period of 38 days, the females give birth to one to six young in the main goblet. It happens quite often that the nest is infested with parasites. Therefore, the mothers move more often, so that their two to eight nests are used almost simultaneously. The females react very quickly to danger. They carry their young away in what is known as the rigid carrying position, in order to put them in a safe escape room.


Development of the young

The young are deaf, blind and completely naked when they are born. They weigh about 8.5 grams and are six inches long. It takes three weeks for the first hair fluff to appear. They only open their eyes after 30 to 32 days.

At the age of six to eight weeks, the little ones go on an exploration tour for the first time and leave the nest. The mother nurses her offspring up to ten weeks of age. Nevertheless, young animals stay near the maternal Kobel for a few months.

Sleeping place

When the young are out of the nest, the goblins do not become useless. They are still used by the animals, because this is where squirrels take a nap and sleep. However, different nests are used during the day and night. The daily rest phases are held in the shaded cobbles, while other sleeping quarters are used for the night.


The Kobel is built in such a way that hardly any water can penetrate into the interior. The nests have a thick wall and are well padded on the inside so that they offer good protection against the cold in winter. To prevent the animals from cooling down, they cuddle up in their bushy tails.

Body temperatureFood intake in winterAnimals
HibernationsinksNoHedgehog, bat
NumbnesssinksNoLizards, snails
Hibernationremains the sameYesRaccoon, brown bear
squirrel kobel

Social behavior

As a rule, squirrels are loners, so each animal uses its own kobel. They only meet at the mating season. Occasionally it happens that the rodents live gregariously even outside of the breeding season and several animals use the same nest. It has also been observed that squirrels take care of sick conspecifics.

Looking for living space

As the natural habitats of these climbers are being destroyed more and more, the animals are looking for alternatives. This pushes them into urban areas where squirrels settle in gardens and parks. It is not uncommon for the animals to build a nest on the balcony. You should not remove this to protect the animals.

Keep respect

Carefully examine flower pots with dead plants from the previous year. Squirrels like to use the coarse plant material to build a nest under the protection of the balcony box. It even happens that the animals settle under blankets, pillows and cushions. Disturb the squirrels as little as possible. Since the animals are very clean, the mother will soon move into an alternative nest with her offspring.

Squirrels can quickly become trusting. Make sure that the animals do not get too used to human closeness.

What to do if the nest was accidentally destroyed

In this case, you can form a replacement nest. Take an old towel and place the hatchlings in it. The mother is not bothered by the human smell that is in the fur of the young animals. Slide a hot water bottle under the towel nest, because the boys cool down very quickly. When the mother finds her offspring in the substitute nest, she will bring each young individually into a substitute goblet.

Buy Kobel

If you want to provide the animals with a safe shelter, the purchase of a finished house is a good option. However, the products do not always deliver what they promise and so that both you and the rodent are happy, you should consider a few aspects when making your purchase decision.

Pay attention to

Many dwellings look nice because they have been painted in different colors. However, paintwork of this kind involves health risks. The better choice are models made from untreated materials. Even if water should penetrate later, natural wood is more suitable. It can breathe and automatically ensures that moisture can escape again. Impregnated cobels are completely unsuitable.

suitablenot suitable
materialSoftwoodsMetal, plastic
Entrancestwo to three openingsa loophole
glazeLinseed oil, rosin oil, beeswaxchemical painting

Build a Kobel yourself

If you don't like a finished model, you can build a Kobel according to instructions with a little skill, a minimal investment of time and little material. You will need a sturdy wooden board made of maple, beech or pine, a few nails and screws and tools for assembly. The model can be changed as desired and designed individually. Use the blueprint as a first guide on how a Kobel should ideally be constructed.

building instructions

The footprint of the pebble is 26 x 26 centimeters, while the roof plate is slightly longer at 30 x 26 centimeters. Later it protrudes a little and ensures that no rainwater can flow through the loopholes. You also need four side walls with the dimensions 26 x 30 centimeters. Draw a loophole with a diameter of seven centimeters on each of two of these side plates. Pregnant females can crawl through here without any problems.


Attach the roof panel to the back wall using a hinge. So you can easily open and clean the Kobel.

Weather protection

You can leave the house natural or finish it with a natural glaze. If you don't apply protection, the Kobel will be exposed to the elements and will not last as long. Glazes (€ 59.87 at Amazon *) form a water-repellent layer on the wood and preserve breathability. If water penetrates the interior, the moisture can escape through the wood.

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A squirrel in a Kobel likes it cuddly, soft and warm. That's why they equip their nests with warming and cushioning materials. These do not have to be of natural origin. The climbers often use fabrics and clothing from the clothesline. To protect your clothing, you should offer the animals used scraps of fabric in a basket.


You can also help a little and fill the self-made Kobel with moss, soft pieces of bark and leaves.

Align and hang

Squirrels like lofty heights where they are largely safe from predators. The lower the dwelling, the greater the risk of being attacked by cats or martens.

This is how the Kobel is hung:

  • Height from five to six meters
  • rear / lower loophole points towards the main trunk
  • Attach the box tilted slightly forward

frequently asked Questions

What is a squirrel goblin?

The nest of the squirrel is called Kobel. The rodents build several of these nests, which fulfill various functions. You use the Kobel for lunch and for sleeping at night. Young animals are born and raised in the protection of the spherical nests.

What does a squirrel Kobel look like?

The nests are round and usually have two and sometimes several entrances. These loopholes not only serve as an entrance and exit, but also ensure an escape route. The basic structure is made up of stronger branches and twigs, the spaces between them being stuffed with leaves. The interior is padded with soft materials such as moss, leaves or soft pieces of bark. This creates an almost waterproof and warming nest.

When does the squirrel go to his Kobel?

The so-called shadow nests serve as a retreat during the day, where the animals take an afternoon nap. At night they go to the sleeping quarters. There is also a main kobel, which is also used to raise the young. Squirrels are constantly moving and use their nests almost simultaneously to prevent parasites from spreading.

What to do if a squirrel falls out of the nest

It is quite possible that a young animal falls on the ground during its first attempts at climbing. As a rule, the mother takes care of her offspring and brings them back to the safe nest. If you find a cub, be sure to watch it for some time. Intervention is only necessary when the mother does not rush to help. Young squirrels cool down very quickly. Wrap the little one in a towel and give them water.