The midday care: Interesting facts about the care of the genus Delosperma

The midday care: Interesting facts about the care of the genus Delosperma

Do you have to water midday flowers in the garden?

Midday flowers not only love absolutely sunny locations, they also require very little water. Therefore, they should only be watered during long periods of dryness, when growing in a bucket or when growing young plants. Since midday flowers are very sensitive to waterlogging, sand or gravel should be added to the substrate at the desired location.

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What should be considered when repotting midday flowers?

When growing the midday flowers in a pot, not only should the planter be provided with appropriate holes to ensure water drainage, but a mineral component should also be added to the substrate. Sand gravel or small stones provide better drainage so that root rot is prevented.

Can the ice plant tolerate pruning?

Basically, the ice plant is a rather uncomplicated plant species. Since the plant can spread widely as a cushion or carpet, a certain distance to weakly growing neighbors should be maintained when planting. If necessary, shoots that have grown too long can also be shortened at any time with a knife or clean scissors.

What are the reasons for ice flowers that are poorly growing or not blooming?

The ice plant of the genus Delosperma is not particularly susceptible to disease or pests. Powdery mildew occurs rarely, the more frequent aphid infestation can be combated with the following measures:

  • Stinging nettle manure
  • by hosing down with the garden hose
  • by cutting out the affected parts of the plant

Poor growth or insufficient flower formation are mostly due to a location that is too shady. Plant death is mostly due either to insufficient winter hardiness or to a substrate that is too wet.

Do midday flowers have to be fertilized regularly?

Since midday flowers grow well even on very poor soil, no additional fertilization is necessary.

How are mid-day flowers properly overwintered?

Many ice plant varieties are hardy outdoors without any problems, provided that there is no freezing or waterlogging in the subsoil.


The ice plant is well suited as a rock garden plant, as a plant for dry slopes or for planting balcony boxes (€ 106.25 at Amazon *), because it loves extensive sun exposure and drought.