How to care for ice begonias - tips and tricks

How to care for ice begonias - tips and tricks

Location and soil

Ice begonias do not make great demands on their location. They even thrive in deep shade, but prefer a partially shaded spot. Here they bloom particularly profusely. Since they grow nice and compact, ice begonias are often used for grave planting, but are also well suited for the balcony or as a container plant. The soil can be slightly damp.

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Different varieties and types

Ice begonias offer you a large selection of species and varieties in different sizes and with different colors of flowers and leaves. Small varieties reach a height of around 20 centimeters, medium ones between 25 and 30 centimeters and large varieties reach heights of up to 40 centimeters. The growth is always quite compact, the foliage green or dark with a reddish touch.

Plant ice begonias

Ice begonias are generally perennial, but not winter hardy. Therefore, they should only be planted in the garden after the ice saints. Repotting or planting in a balcony box is possible until autumn. Make absolutely sure that rain or excess irrigation water can drain out of the box.

Water and fertilize

The fleshy ice begonias definitely need a certain amount of moisture, but do not like waterlogging. Let the soil dry out a little before you water the begonias again. From time to time you add a little liquid fertilizer to the irrigation water, if you didn't put enough compost into the planting hole when you were planting. However, the ice begonia does not need much fertilizer.

The essentials in brief:

  • very easy to care for
  • Location: partially shaded to shady
  • Flowering period: from May to the first frost
  • perennial, but not hardy
  • Flower color: white, various pink and red tones, also two-tone
  • Foliage color: green or reddish
  • more compact growth
  • Height: depending on the variety between 20 and 40 cm


Ice begonias can be perfectly combined with other plants such as verbenas, busy lizards or lilies.

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