Cleaning up noble geraniums properly - tips and tricks

Cleaning up noble geraniums properly - tips and tricks

Why is cleaning important?

The gardener understands cleaning to mean removing dead leaves and flowers. Regular cleaning keeps your geraniums healthy and encourages their flowering. Because the plant puts its strength into new buds instead of the formation and maturity of seeds. You can extend the flowering time of your noble geraniums with this simple maintenance measure.

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How are noble geraniums properly cleaned?

You don't need any tools to clean your geraniums, just your fingers. Simply break off the withered flower stalk at the leaf node. How often you should clean out varies depending on the plant. Check the condition of your noble geraniums when watering and remove all withered parts of the plant. Standing geraniums usually need to be cleaned more often than hanging geraniums.

What is also important for a profuse bloom?

It is not just cleaning out that will help your geraniums bloom for a long time. A warm and bright location is also important for lush flowering. The more light your geraniums get, the more buds they will develop. In addition, noble geraniums benefit from a cool winter, the cold stimulus also stimulates the bud formation. However, it must not be too cold in the winter quarters, because noble geraniums cannot tolerate frost.

Does cleaning replace a cut back?

The trimming does not replace a possible cut back. Only the withered parts of the plant are removed. A strong pruning can be done in autumn. Your noble geraniums therefore need less space to overwinter. Cutting back in spring is also conceivable. Both give the geraniums the chance to sprout again vigorously. The pruning of young plants also ensures a dense, bushy growth.

The essentials in brief:

  • Regular cleaning promotes bud formation
  • does not replace a cut back
  • Carefully break out dead plant parts, do not cut


Regular cleaning will encourage your noble geraniums to flower, but it does not replace pruning.