Is the holly poisonous?

Is the holly poisonous?

The tempting berries are an important source of food for the native birds from autumn through winter, as long as the berries are available. If they are not eaten, they will remain on the bush for most of the winter. Unfortunately, the berries are poisonous to humans, as are the leaves of the plant.

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Is the holly suitable for my garden?

The holly shouldn't necessarily be the focal point of your family garden while your children are quite young. Older children understand that they are not allowed to eat the glowing fruits. If you like to watch birds and insects, then the holly is ideal for your garden. The yellow flowers attract the insects at least as much as the red fruits attract the birds.

You can also cut the decorative branches with the bright red berries as a winter decoration for your living room. Keep in mind, however, that the holly grows slowly. The birds do the reproduction of the ilex for you. With their droppings, they distribute the holly seeds in your garden.

Interesting facts about the holly:

  • very easy to care for
  • slowly growing
  • Flowers very popular with insects
  • poisonous berries in autumn (and winter)
  • sought-after source of food for birds
  • Often multiplied by bird droppings


Plant your holly so that you can watch the birds foraging for food in autumn and winter.