Proper care of a fig tree in the bucket

Proper care of a fig tree in the bucket

The right location

Give the sun-hungry trees a sunny and warm location. Partial shade is also tolerated. On the other hand, draughty, cool balconies or rooms that are in the shade all day are unsuitable for cultivation.

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Even if figs tolerate full sunlight after a short period of acclimatization outdoors, you should provide shade in the conservatory when the sun is strong. The glass surfaces increase the intensity of the UV radiation and the leaves of the plant could burn.

The right substrate

Repotting the fig is usually necessary every two years. Tub figs are relatively undemanding and can be cultivated well in commercially available flower or balcony potting soil. However, do not buy cheap figs as they are often not sufficiently water-permeable.

Water regularly

Fig trees like moisture, but not moisture - watering the fig in the bucket therefore requires a bit of tact:

  • Always keep the soil moist
  • Always pour off excess water in the coaster
  • A small supply of water should only be left there on very hot days and for a few hours
  • Always water when the ball of the pot feels dry
  • The container plant must never dry out completely; Leaf shedding would be the result
  • Figs are sensitive to calcareous water. You should therefore only use collected rainwater or, alternatively, filtered tap water.

Fertilize regularly

The fig tree in the tub needs a lot of nutrients during the growth phase from spring to late summer. Both liquid complete fertilizer and citrus fertilizer or berry fertilizer are suitable for fertilization. If you want to eat the figs, you should make sure to use food-safe fertilizers.

Cut the potted figs

Figs can tolerate pruning and then sprout again vigorously. Remember, however, that figs produce fruits on the annual wood. After pruning, you therefore sometimes have to forego the harvest you hoped for.

Tips & Tricks

Bring a drainage layer made of a few centimeters of expanded clay (€ 17.50 at Amazon *) or pebbles in the planter. This avoids waterlogging and ensures good ventilation in the lower area of ​​the bucket. The substrate dries from above and below and root rot is prevented.