Plant raised beds in the 1st year

Plant raised beds in the 1st year

What are heavy consumers?

Plants that consume a lot of energy are plants that need a lot of nutrients for their growth and the formation of fruits, such as all types of cabbage. Since they exhaust the soil so much, heavy horticulturalists are only planted every three years. In the raised bed they are used in the first year.

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For the raised bed, the following heavy consumers can be cultivated in the first year:

Heavy EaterPrefer under glassSow outdoorsHarvest time
artichokeMarch to AprilApril to AugustJuly to November, January to March
EggplantFebruary to AprilMayJuly to September
cauliflowerFebruary to JuneMay to JuneJune to October
broccoliMarch to JuneMay to JuneJune to October
Chinese cabbageMay to JuneJune to JulySeptember to October
StrawberriesApril to May or August to SeptemberJune to October
CucumbersFebruary to MayMid May to late JuneJune to October
KaleEarly April to late JulyJulyOctober to March
CarrotsMarch to JuneJuly to November
PotatoesMarch to AprilApril to JuneJuly to September
KohlrabiMarch to JuneJune to October
pumpkinApril to MayMay to JuneLate June to October
leekMarch to MayJuneSeptember to the end of January
CornMid-March to AprilMay to JuneMid June to mid October
Swiss chardApril to AugustJuly to October
paprikaJanuary to AprilJuly to October
radishApril to SeptemberMay until October
radishMarch to AugustMay to November
rhubarbApril to MaySeptember to DecemberApril to August
Brussels sproutsApril to MayOctober to March
BeetrootApril to JuneAugust to November
Red cabbageMarch to MayJune to November
celeryFebruary to AprilMaySeptember to October
spinachMarch to April or August to SeptemberMarch, May to June or October
tomatoesJanuary to AprilJuly to mid-October
White cabbage & savoy cabbageMarch to MayJune to November
zucchiniApril to MayMid May to JuneJune to October

Here you can find the complete sowing and harvesting calendar from the garden journal.

Maintain the raised bed properly

Heavy eaters need a lot of nutrients. If you have layered your raised bed, it is supplied with sufficient nutrients so that you do not have to fertilize. Otherwise you should fertilize as described here. However, the heavily consuming plants also need a lot of water. Tomatoes and pumpkins, for example, are particularly in need of water. It is therefore essential to ensure that there is sufficient water supply, especially on hot summer days. Water in the morning and / or evening when the raised bed is in the shade to prevent evaporation. You can find out more about maintenance here.


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