Primroses - enjoy the flowering period and use tricks to expand

Primroses - enjoy the flowering period and use tricks to expand

From when to when does the flowering period extend?

The word primrose comes from Latin and is derived from the term 'primus' for 'the first'. This refers to the early flowering time of this flower. The flowers can appear as early as December. Primroses bloom until April, depending on the species.

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How can the flowering period be extended?

The following measures lead to a longer flowering time:

  • fertilize every 2 weeks (rich in phosphorus)
  • water regularly, keep soil moist
  • Spray the leaves with water
  • Cut off what has faded
  • Remove dead leaves
  • in a cool location (5 to 15 ° C)
  • Protect flowers from direct sunlight

Do not dispose of after flowering, but plant out

When the primroses have faded - this is usually the case in April - they do not have to be disposed of. The well-known and widespread pillow primroses can, for example, be planted in the garden. Other primrose species can be repotted and put in a cool place.

If you decide to plant it out, you have the advantage that the primroses can bloom again in the next year and even reproduce. You do not have to prune the plants before planting them out. Only old flowers and dead leaves are removed.

Tips & Tricks

If you plant your primroses out after flowering in April and choose a shady location with a moist subsurface, you have the chance of your primroses blooming a second time in summer.