Build a garden house for children - that's how it works

Build a garden house for children - that's how it works

The plan

As with the arbor for the big ones, there is thorough planning before construction:

  • Should the garden house (7.70 € at Amazon *) stand on stilts or get a foundation?
  • How big should the playhouse be?
  • What additional features do the kids want (ladders, slide, climbing wall)?

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The building material you need

The easiest way to do it is to build it yourself with screen printing panels made of glued and coated plywood. These are relatively cheap and in several colors and designs in every major hardware store. Alternatively, OSB panels are also very suitable.

In addition:

  • Square timbers for the scaffolding
  • A foundation or a floor slab
  • If windows are desired, they should be made of plexiglass and not glass.
  • One door.
  • Sufficient screws and nails.
  • Tools: folding rule, hammer, screwdriver, cordless drill, saw and cutter knife.

Pre-treat wood

It is advisable to paint all the raw wooden parts before building. If the children want a colorfully designed house and would like to help with the coloring, you can also paint the already finished house.

The assembly

  • If you have decided on a solid foundation made of paving slabs, this is first made.
  • Then assemble the lower frame and on it the four standing squared timbers, which will later form the corners.
  • Attach walls in which openings for the windows have already been cut according to the construction plan.
  • Install the door.
  • Assemble the roof substructure.
  • Finally, screw on the roof surfaces and cover them with roofing felt or bitumen shingles.


You can find numerous construction plans, precise materialists and assembly instructions for playhouses on the Internet. These make it much easier for children to plan the summer house individually.