Let sunflower seeds germinate to protect them from birds

Let sunflower seeds germinate to protect them from birds

What you need to know about sunflower seed germination

  • Sunflower seeds
  • Paper towel
  • Liquid plant food
  • Resealable freezer bag

Make sure that the sunflower seeds are tough. Soft-shelled kernels are usually spoiled.

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Don't start too early to germinate the seeds. You are not allowed to plant the germinated sunflowers outside until the end of May. The sunflower seed does not need more than two to four weeks to pre-germinate.

This is how you get the kernels to germinate

Moisten the kitchen paper with clear water and add a small dash of liquid plant food. Make sure that the paper is damp but not dripping wet.

Spread out a layer and don't put the kernels on top of it too closely.

Cover the kernels with another layer of damp kitchen paper. Squeeze the layers together and carefully place them in a resealable plastic bag. Close the bag up to an opening about two centimeters wide.

Lay in the sun

Now the germs only need a lot of heat. The bag is therefore placed in as sunny a place as possible.

In between take a look to see if the sunflower seeds have already sprouted.

As soon as the first paper is visible, take the paper towel out of the bag. Let the kernels germinate a little more without covering until they can be planted out.

Plant outdoors after germination

Plant the sunflower seeds in a sunny spot in prepared garden soil or in a pot on the balcony.

Protect the delicate plants from heavy downpours.

Tips & Tricks

Sprouted sunflower seeds are very suitable as a healthy, vitamin-rich addition to the diet. It is important that you let the seeds germinate at suitable temperatures and in neither too little nor too much water. The sprouts are ready to eat when they have taken the shape of the letter V.