Find the right location for currants

Find the right location for currants

The best location for currants

  • Sunny place
  • Sheltered location
  • Loosened soil
  • Avoid waterlogging

Sunny locations preferred

Even if currants are originally found on the edge of the forest, you should plant them in a sunny spot in the garden. Only when the fruits get enough light and, above all, sun, will they be nice and big and sweet.

In partially shaded locations, it will take longer before you can harvest your currants. The fruits also stay smaller and contain more acid.

As shallow roots, the shrubs need loose, nutritious soil. Currants do not tolerate waterlogging. Make sure that the soil is well drained.

Tips & Tricks

Most currant varieties are self-pollinating. However, the harvest will be richer if you plant several shrubs in the garden that fertilize each other.