Can I transplant my ginkgo?

Can I transplant my ginkgo?

What should I consider when transplanting?

Even an older ginkgo tree can survive transplanting quite well, but the process becomes more and more complicated the larger it is. If you have a very large tree, consider pruning it. You can also trim the root ball. Both make it easier for you to transport the tree and then plant it.

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In principle, you can transplant a ginkgo during the entire vegetation phase, i.e. from spring to autumn. If transplanted in spring, however, the tree has more time to take root well until the next winter. Then it is hardy and survives a longer period of frost without damage.

The essentials in brief:

  • Transplanting is possible in principle
  • the earlier the better
  • Handling small trees is easier
  • best time to transplant: spring
  • only transplant older trees in autumn

Where can I plant a ginkgo?

The solitary position in the garden is ideal for a ginkgo, this is how it comes into its own. However, this is not absolutely necessary. However, the ginkgo needs a lot of light to thrive, so it is best to have a sunny location. If the soil there is very poor, you can enrich it with compost or fertilizer.

Properly transplant the ginkgo

Carefully dig up your ginkgo, if necessary after pruning it. The less you damage the tree in the process, the better it will cope with the move. Dig a planting hole that is about one and a half times the size of the root ball to be planted.

Put some well-rotted compost in this hole, then put the ginkgo in it. Fill in the soil and put it in place, then water the tree thoroughly. If your ginkgo is still small, give it a support made of stakes. This can also be useful for a larger tree that is firmly rooted.

Transplant Ginkgo step by step:

  • think about pruning before transplanting
  • Carefully dig up the tree
  • if necessary prune the root ball
  • Dig the planting hole about one and a half times the size of the root ball
  • put some compost in the planting hole
  • Insert tree
  • Fill up the earth
  • support the small tree with stakes
  • Water the ginkgo well


The younger and smaller a ginkgo is when transplanting, the easier this work is. So don't wait too long knowing that transplanting is required.