So your avocado will survive even the coldest winter

So your avocado will survive even the coldest winter

Do not put young plants outside

In principle, avocado plants can also spend the summer months in a warm and sunny spot in the garden. The tropical plants are not hardy, but can withstand cooler temperatures. However, this principle does not apply to seedlings and young plants, because they need permanent warmth and protection from weather fluctuations. For this reason, young plants should only be kept indoors or in a greenhouse, with constant warm temperatures of at least 20 ° C (but better, between 22 and 25 ° C) being optimal, especially in winter.

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Older avocados also feel good in the garden

As soon as the plants are a little older - around the age of two to three years - they are hardened enough to be placed in the garden for a few months. This is possible in a sheltered and sunny location, as soon as no additional frosts are to be expected. Basically, the older the plant, the more you can expect from it.

A warm apartment or a heated greenhouse is ideal

As soon as it gets cooler, that is, before the first frosts appear, you should bring your plant in. She now feels most comfortable in a bright, warm location in the apartment or in a heated greenhouse. Basically, avocados need less water and fertilizer in winter than in summer. On the contrary: let the soil dry out before you water it again. Your avocado needs constant warm temperatures and is not hardy. Finally, at the end of the winter season, you can repot them to a larger pot.

How to care for your avocado in winter:

  • bright location
  • constant warm temperature
  • do not leave it outside
  • pour little
  • fertilize little

Tips & Tricks

Avocados can grow up to 40 meters tall in the wild. Your room avocado will most likely not reach this size, but it can get very tall (and wide) after a few years. In such a case it is possible to give the plant to a nursery for the winter. For a fee, your avocado can then be stored in a constantly warm place during the cold months, protected from it.