Plant rambler roses properly

Plant rambler roses properly

Which location do rambler roses prefer?

Most ramblers prefer a light, but rather partially shaded location - full sun is usually not so well tolerated due to the associated heat and drought. Some varieties even thrive on north sides, although this is of course not the rule.

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In which substrate should you plant rambler roses?

Like all roses, the Ramblers prefer a humus-rich, nutritious, loose and well-drained garden soil. This can be fresh to slightly damp. Waterlogging, on the other hand, is not tolerated.

Are rambler roses also suitable for potting?

In contrast to the significantly smaller climbers, the Ramblers, which can grow up to twelve meters high, depending on the variety and growth conditions, are not really suitable for a pot culture. If they are to be kept in the pot anyway, regular strong pruning is essential.

When is the best time to plant rambler roses?

Rambler roses are also ideally planted in October or on a frost-free, mild day between October and April. Well-rooted container goods can be planted all year round - provided it is frost-free and the ground is not frozen - but the hot and dry summer months are less suitable.

What is the best way to plant rambler roses?

Rambler roses need the deepest possible planting hole with sufficient distance to other plants so that there is no competition for light and nutrients. If the plant is to become a tree, do not place it directly in front of the trunk. On the other hand, keep a little distance and guide the shoots into the tree with the help of ropes. Furthermore, ramblers should not be planted directly in the middle of other climbing aids (e.g. pergolas), but rather offset at a slight angle. This gives the plant more space to grow.

What is the planting distance for rambler roses?

A planting distance of at least 80 centimeters is ideal.

When do rambler roses bloom?

Most rambler roses only bloom once a year, usually in early summer - but very richly and for several weeks.

How can rambler roses be propagated?

Ramblers can usually be propagated very well by cuttings or cuttings. Runners can also be multiplied by root runners.


When planting, make sure that rambler roses cannot tolerate competition for light and food in their immediate vicinity.

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