The bewitching smell of lilies

The bewitching smell of lilies

Not all lilies are fragrant

There are numerous types and varieties of lilies. Not all of them give off an odor that is noticeable to us. When lilies smell, the scent comes from the stigmas and dust pollen on their flowers.

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Fragrant lilies - a wide selection

The white blooming royal lily in particular is known for its intense fragrance. In addition, many lily friends know that the Madonna lily smells. Its scent is lighter than that of the royal lily and it is reminiscent of honey. The golden ribbon lily is also known for its strong scent.

But are these all scented lilies? No, here is a selection of the most common lilies with a smell that we can detect:

  • Lilium auratum hybrids, oriental hybrids e.g. B. 'Black Beauty', 'Stargazer', 'Muscadet' (strongly scented)
  • Lilium aurelianum hybrids, trumpet lilies e.g. B. 'White American' (very fragrant)
  • Lilium cernuum, Korean Turkish lily (delicately scented)
  • Lilium longiflorum e.g. B. 'Elegant Lady', 'Rodeo' (strongly scented)

How can the typical lily smell be described?

The typical lily smell is sweet, exotic and can be described as heavenly. But it is differently pronounced from variety to variety. It can best be noticed in the evening hours.

Especially when fragrant lilies are planted at seats, for example by the garden pond, on the balcony or in front of the terrace, it is wonderful to inhale the scent deeply in the evening. An unforgettable summer night is guaranteed. And by the way: the smell has an aphrodisiac effect on men ...

A smell that not everyone likes

The smell of the lily is a matter of taste. While some people fall for it, others flee from it. Some people get headaches or complain of nausea when a scented lily is in the room. For people who do not like the smell of the lilies, there are the odorless specimens such as the fire lily or the tiger lily.

Tips & Tricks

For example, a lily as a cut flower from the florist in the living room can fill the entire room. Sniff the flowers when you buy them, whether you like their smell or not.