Kiwis need a climbing aid

Kiwis need a climbing aid

Scaffolding variants

Since kiwis grow very quickly, it is advisable to plant the plants on a previously made framework. As a gardener, this gives you the opportunity to influence the direction and shape of growth right from the start. If the newly planted kiwifruit are large-fruited kiwifruit varieties, the climbing support should be stable enough to withstand the weight of the fruit.

The following can be used as climbing aids:

  • finished rope systems made of stainless steel wire ropes,
  • Vertical wooden posts with horizontally tensioned wires,
  • Wooden grids attached to the house wall or freely set up.

Tips & Tricks

Similar to grapevines, kiwi plants can be used to create a green roof over the terrace, which provides welcome shade on hot summer days.

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