Sow forget-me-nots in time in the previous year

Sow forget-me-nots in time in the previous year

The right time to sow

Forget-me-nots are sown at the same time that the flower has its main flowering season, i.e. in May. You can still sow the seeds until the end of July.

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The earlier you sow forget-me-nots, the stronger the young plants are. If the weather is good, they will bloom as early as March the following year.

If you thought too late about putting the seed in the soil, you can do so later. However, the young plants then need good winter protection. The flowering time will be delayed by a few weeks.

This is how you sow forget-me-nots

  • Prepare a growing bed or growing pots (€ 14.90 at Amazon *)
  • simple garden soil without fertilizer is sufficient
  • Scatter seeds flat and thin
  • if possible do not cover (light germs!)
  • Keep the seeds moist but not wet

Prick out after emergence

It takes between two and three weeks for the seeds to germinate. As soon as the plants have formed three to four pairs of leaves, they are pricked out. Once you have sown the forget-me-nots in place, separate the plants at a distance of 20 centimeters.

Plant out by the end of summer

If the forget-me-not was sown in a growing bed or in pots, it must be put outside by the beginning of autumn. Do not forget to water the young plants regularly, as they must not dry out under any circumstances.

Prefer forget-me-nots in the house

If you want very early flowering in the year, prefer forget-me-nots indoors in autumn. To do this, sow the seeds in pots or window boxes. (€ 106.25 at Amazon *)

Set up the seed pots in a cool and bright place, for example in the cool winter garden. You can then plant them in the garden in spring.

Moving forward in the house is time-consuming and only worthwhile if you have a lot of space. You can get pre-grown plants for little money in the hardware store or at the nursery.


Forget-me-nots sow themselves in the garden. The seeds are ingested by animals or carried through the garden in their fur. If self-sowing is to be prevented, cut off the inflorescences as soon as they have faded.