Bamboo growth - rapid and limitless

Bamboo growth - rapid and limitless

The bamboo is a miracle of growth

Good to know: there is not just one bamboo plant, but 47 species with over 1200 varieties. These are divided into 2 groups with regard to root growth:

  • Bamboos that do not form underground runners - fargesia
  • Bamboos that form runners - phyllostachys, pleioblasts and pseudosas

Bamboos grow differently from trees

In contrast to trees, there is no growth in thickness with bamboo. When the stalks sprout from the ground like asparagus from April to August, they have already reached their finished thickness. The sprouts grow into a full-grown stalk in a few months. The leaves only unfold once the height has grown.

The largest of their kind grow up to a meter a day and are almost 40 meters high. These record values ​​cannot be achieved in the home garden. But a bamboo that reaches a foot a day is not uncommon. Depending on the height, one differentiates:

  • short low bamboo - up to 1 meter
  • medium-high bamboo - 3 to 7 meters
  • high bamboo - up to 15 meters
  • Giant bamboo - over 15 meters

Tips & Tricks

If you want to buy a bamboo, you should find out about the growth of the plant beforehand. That protects against surprises.