How to Plant Red Bamboo - Tips and Tricks

How to Plant Red Bamboo - Tips and Tricks

The ideal location for red bamboo

The Himalayan Calamus falconeri Damarapa is a relatively sensitive bamboo. It prefers partial shade and does not tolerate the blazing sun. This bamboo grows to around two to five meters and can only tolerate frost up to around -5 ° C. Its initially bluish stalks later turn green to yellowish and develop reddish stripes.

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The Fargesi jiuzhaigou No.1 or Chinese Wonder sets accents in your garden with its bright red stalks. It is also suitable as a container plant. In the open it becomes about two and a half to three meters high. In autumn it loses part of its leaves. It can withstand frost down to around - 25 ° C.

Give this bamboo a sunny spot as possible so that the stalks get more intense color. But it also gets along well with partial shade. This bamboo does not need a rhizome barrier, like no bamboo of the Fargesia species.

Plant the red bamboo in the tub

If you want to plant the red bamboo in a tub, then get a plant pot with at least 60 liters capacity. Drill a few small drainage holes in the bottom of the bucket if you don't already have one. Line the planter with potsherds and put a layer of gravel over it, this is the drainage layer for the water drainage.

Fill the planter about two-thirds full with humus soil. Thoroughly water the root ball of your bamboo before placing it in the bucket. Now fill the bucket with soil and water it well again. You should repot your bamboo about every two to four years.

The essentials in brief:

  • Choose location according to variety, sunny to partially shaded
  • humus soil
  • Water the root ball
  • Water the bamboo well
  • no rhizome barrier necessary


The rather sensitive Himalayan calamus falconeri Damarapa is not well suited for beginners. These should rather choose the easy-care Fargesia.