Is the Celosia hardy?

Is the Celosia hardy?

How should I overwinter my Celosia?

The easy-care Celosias can spend the summer well on the balcony or in the garden bed, at least if it is not an overly wet “typically North German” summer. In winter you will feel much more comfortable in the heated living room. They like temperatures between around 16 and 24 ° C, so they don't like the cold winter quarters for other summer flowers. The care changes little during this time.

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How do I care for my celosia?

As in its original home, the Celosia would like to have a warm place with you. In summer this can be a sunny spot on the balcony or in the garden. The Celosia does not particularly like the blazing midday sun, so it needs light sun protection. It prefers a sandy soil that is well drained, but also gets along well with normal soil.

Water your Celosia as soon as the top layer of soil has dried slightly and, if the soil is poor, add a little liquid fertilizer to the watering water about every 14 days. Regular flower pruning stimulates the plant to re-bud. The Celosia is very suitable as a cut flower and also for dry bouquets. It is even edible. A spinach-like vegetable can be prepared from the leaves.

Winter tips for the Celosia:

  • overwinter relatively warm
  • ideal temperature: 16 - 24 ° C
  • hardly pour less
  • fertilize a little less or not at all


It is better to overwinter your Celosias in the living room that is not too heated than in the unheated winter garden. You don't get the cold. Many types of Celosia are also suitable as house plants.