Lawn mower smokes blue - what can be the cause?

Lawn mower smokes blue - what can be the cause?

First measure: turn off the lawn mower

If your lawnmower smokes, please switch it off immediately. This measure applies regardless of whether the device is working smoothly or stuttering. It can be both harmless and serious. So that your valuable lawn mower is not permanently damaged, the problem should be identified and rectified before the next mowing.

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Cause: Oil level too high

If a lawnmower emits blue and white clouds, burning oil comes into focus as the first cause. If there is too much oil in the crankcase, it will spill over and burn on the hot engine block. How to make your lawnmower fit again:

  • Let the engine cool down
  • Thoroughly clean the cutting deck and engine block with a rag
  • Check the oil level according to the manufacturer's instructions

If the oil level is too high, you can regulate it using a suction pump or you can drain some engine oil.

Cause: Wrong tilt direction

If a lawn mower is tilted in the wrong direction, oil will leak out. The air filter, spark plug and cylinder head are flooded with engine oil. As a result, blue smoke rises when the lawn mower is started. To solve the problem, you cannot avoid a thorough cleaning of the oily components.

To prevent the same mishap from happening again, always tilt your lawnmower so that the spark plug is pointing upwards.

Cause: Spilled gasoline or oil

If a bit is spilled when filling with petrol or oil, the liquid burns as blue smoke as soon as the engine heats up. Turn off the lawn mower and let it cool down. Then clean the cutting deck with a rag. With a funnel (4.63 € at Amazon *) you can refill gasoline and oil without loss.


If a lawnmower smokes, the color already provides more information about the cause. Black smoke is usually the result of a soot-clogged air filter. Fortunately, this component is easy to clean even for the inexperienced hand. Simply knock out paper filters. Clean the foam filter with hot water and washing-up liquid.