Caring for a room fir is not easy!

Caring for a room fir is not easy!

How do you water the room fir correctly?

Indoor fir cannot tolerate completely dry root balls, nor can they cope with waterlogging. Only water the fir tree when the top layer of the substrate has dried out. Never leave water in the saucer or planter.

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Use soft, stale tap water for watering.

In summer, the room fir needs to be watered more often. It is also a good idea to spray the branches regularly with soft water to increase the humidity. In winter, room firs are only watered moderately so that the root ball does not dry out completely.

How often do you have to fertilize?

It is fertilized with fertilizer for rhododendrons or azaleas from April to September. It is sufficient if you fertilize the fir tree every two weeks.

When are room firs repotted?

You have to repot a room fir every two to three years. It's time for a new pot when the roots grow out of the top or bottom of the pot. Repotting takes place in early spring.

Does a room fir have to be cut?

In principle, you should not cut a room fir, as it will not recover well from it. That is why indoor firs are not suitable for keeping as bonsai.

Which care mistakes are common?

  • Too much sun
  • too dark location
  • too moist substrate
  • low humidity
  • Drafts
  • frequent touching

Which diseases and pests can occur?

Illnesses rarely occur. Most of the time it is a matter of care errors if the indoor fir loses branches, the needles change color or the branches hang down.

Root rot causes problems for the indoor fir if the substrate is too moist. In order to avoid stem rot, room firs should never set deeper than they were before after repotting.

Occasionally, thrips can occur. Rinse the fir tree under the shower head and then use an anti-pest agent.

How is the indoor fir properly overwintered?

Indoor firs are not hardy and must be overwintered frost-free. However, they cannot be kept in the living room all year round, because the trees prefer significantly lower temperatures in winter.

In winter, place the indoor fir in a bright, not sunny place at temperatures between five and ten degrees.


Fir trees are no substitute for a Christmas tree. Your demands on the location in winter are incompatible with the warm climate of heated living rooms. In addition, they do not like it when the branches are touched too often or even hung with jewelry.