How to plant a lemon tree

How to plant a lemon tree

Which location does the lemon tree prefer?

Lemons need a location in full sun that is as protected as possible outdoors.

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What substrate does a lemon tree need?

A slightly acidic substrate consisting of peat, ripe compost and normal (also slightly loamy) garden soil is ideal. Expanded clay (€ 17.50 at Amazon *) should be added to this mixture. Alternatively, you can also use commercially available citrus earth.

Can I plant the lemon tree in the garden?

Lemons are usually not frost hardy and should therefore not be planted out, but kept in a bucket. An exception is the so-called bitter lemon (Citrus trifoliata) and some of its hybrids, which are quite frost-hardy. In wind-protected locations, however, planting out in the wine-growing areas is generally possible.

Does the lemon tree thrive on the balcony or terrace?

Yes absolutely. Lemons - like all Mediterranean plants - love fresh air. The plant can be left outside from around the end of March / beginning of May to beginning / mid-October, but should be protected with a fleece at night from possible cold spells.

How do I plant a lemon tree?

Choose a (ceramic) pot with a circumference roughly a third larger than the tree canopy. Fill in small pebbles as the bottom layer, then another two to three centimeters of substrate. Now put the ball in it and fill the pot all around with soil. Then water the tree vigorously.

When should the lemon tree be repotted?

At the latest when the roots are already growing out of the pot. Repot young plants once a year, older solitary plants every two to three years.

Can I grow a lemon tree from seeds or cuttings?

Yes, you can grow a lemon tree from the seeds of a fully ripe, fresh fruit as well as from a cutting.

When does my lemon tree bloom?

The lemon tree you have grown yourself will, if not grafted, bloom for the first time in eight to twelve years at the earliest. Otherwise, a lemon tree blooms all year round and also bears fruit at the same time.

Will I also be able to reap fruits?

With sufficient care and sufficient conditions, you will likely be able to harvest ripe fruit. Like all citrus plants, the lemon is self-fruiting.

Tips & Tricks

As with oranges, ripe lemons only change color when cool weather sets in. Therefore, green fruits can still be fully ripe.