Planting a mallow: location, substrate and co

Planting a mallow: location, substrate and co

Which location is suitable?

Mallow are considered adaptable when it comes to a suitable location. But they prefer to grow in a sunny place. There they develop most of the flowers. They also get along well in partial shade.

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Tall mallow such as the hollyhock or the beautiful mallow, which can grow up to 2 m in size, should be planted in a protected location. In addition, it is advisable to tie it to a rod to prevent it from twisting.

What properties should the floor have?

Mallow a normal garden soil is sufficient. The only thing they cannot make friends with is compact and peat-rich soils. Ideally, the substrate should have the following characteristics:

  • moderately nutrient-rich to nutrient-rich
  • humus
  • permeable
  • slightly calcareous
  • fresh to moist environment

What plant spacing is necessary?

Basically, you can orientate yourself on a minimum planting distance of 30 cm. Also, keep in mind that the upward clearance is important when planting your mallow in a pot on the balcony. Some species of mallow tower extremely high.

How are they sown?

Planting a purchased mallow is not worthwhile. You can save these costs, because mallow trees usually germinate well and sowing is easy. Many species such as the hollyhock or the bush mallow sprout new every year. Other species like to sow themselves ...

The following must be observed when sowing:

  • Advancing is unnecessary
  • No-till between March and May
  • Dark germinator: cover seeds 1 to 2 cm thick with soil
  • Germination temperature: 15 to 20 ° C
  • Germination time: 2 to 3 weeks

When do mallows bloom?

Depending on the type of mallow and provided that it is cared for appropriately, mallow bloom at different times. While some species bloom in May, other species bloom from June or July. The flowering period can last September.

Tips & Tricks

Planted together with lupins or magerites creates beautiful contrasts during the flowering period of the mallow.


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