Propagate Christmas rose by sowing or dividing

Propagate Christmas rose by sowing or dividing

Multiply the Christmas rose by dividing it

Propagating a snow rose by dividing it is the easiest way to create new plants. Wait until after it has bloomed to share the Christmas rose.

  • Dig up larger snow rose
  • Divide in the middle
  • Insert plants
  • Step on earth carefully
  • Pour enough

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Make sure you dig deep enough to remove the Christmas rose from the ground. The long roots must not be damaged too much. The planting holes for planting should also be dug deep enough.

Let the snow rose propagate itself

So that the Christmas rose can multiply itself, do not cut back the Christmas rose after it has blossomed.

In the flowers, the seeds ripen in capsules. When ripe, the seed pods open and fall into the bed or are sown by birds.

Obtaining seeds for sowing

If you want to sow the snow rose yourself, collect the ripe seed pods from the plant. Put them in a freezer bag and shake vigorously. The seeds then fall out and can be sown straight away.

The Christmas rose is a cold germ. It is therefore best to sow the seeds directly at the desired location in the garden.

If you want to grow the Christmas roses in pots, leave the pots on the balcony or terrace after sowing until the first leaves appear.

Warning: the seed is very poisonous!

All parts of the Christmas rose are poisonous, but especially the seeds. Eating just a few seeds can end badly.

Make sure that children and pets cannot get to the seeds to avoid accidents.

Tips & Tricks

When propagating by seeds, you must take into account that the young Christmas roses will not be varietal. The flowers of a seed-grown Christmas rose can differ significantly from those of the mother plant.