Keep a willow tree in the garden

Keep a willow tree in the garden

Requirements for your garden

If you cannot provide enough space for the pasture, the deciduous tree is unfortunately out of the question as a plant for your garden. Both the crown and the underground root system take on enormous dimensions after a short time. Be sure to plan a diameter of around 20 meters. At this distance there should not be any buildings, sidewalks or plants that could die due to the shady willow due to insufficient light supply.

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Choice of location

However, if your garden meets these requirements, it is important to find the right location. The following conditions are optimal:

  • preferably near the water
  • moist to wet soil
  • slightly acidic to neutral soil
  • nutrient-rich soil
  • loose soil
  • sunny position

Small varieties

If there is not enough space, it is also possible to cultivate a willow in the bucket. Recommend themselves for this

  • the hanging kitten pasture
  • or the harlequin pasture

There are also small varieties:

  • Creeping willow
  • Rosemary willow
  • Net willow
  • Ground cover willow
  • Purple willow
  • Woolen willow
  • Engadine pasture
  • Ear willow


To cut

Whether in a bucket or as a free-standing tree, willows must be cut regularly. Otherwise you will not succeed in taming the pronounced growth. Most willow species are cut in spring, some varieties also in winter. In the summer, cutting is generally prohibited for animal welfare reasons. It is also not advisable to cut in autumn, as the sores will then no longer heal before winter. Due to the strong growth, willows are very pruning tolerant and can also tolerate radical pruning.

Fertilizing and watering

Thanks to the extensive root system, the willow always has access to a water source. You should only keep the substrate continuously moist when keeping it in a bucket. In contrast to free-standing trees, you should fertilize top plants once a year with full fertilizer and mulch (€ 99.99 on Amazon *) or compost, as the tub does not provide sufficient nutrients.

Ideal as a hedge plant

If pruned regularly, willows are also ideal hedge plants. Braid the individual rods to form a tight privacy screen.