Use of hops in the kitchen, garden and beer production

Use of hops in the kitchen, garden and beer production

The versatile uses of hops

  • Brewery
  • Tea to calm you down
  • Sprouts as spring vegetables
  • Fruits in natural medicine
  • Climbing plant as a privacy screen in the garden

Use of hops in beer brewing

Hops are essential in brewing beer. The lupulin contained in the fruits is used. It gives the beer its tart aroma, ensures durability and, above all, the foam on freshly tapped beer.

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For this it is necessary to dry the hops so that they can be stored. It can also be processed into pellets that are added to the beer mash.

Process hops in the kitchen

The young sprouts of hops that sprout in spring are a little-known, very healthy and tasty spring vegetable. It can only be harvested for a few weeks.

Hop sprouts can be processed in the kitchen just like asparagus. When cooked, the vegetables taste nutty and quite spicy.

Use the ingredients of hops

In naturopathy, hops are valued for their many ingredients. These include: tannic acid, bitter substances, lupulin and essential oils.

The hop cones are processed into tea or tinctures. They work against restlessness, inflammation and pain.

Growing hops as an ornamental plant in the garden

Hops are a climbing plant that grows many meters high and forms a dense screen in summer. The plant is therefore grown on fences or in pots on balconies and terraces. Hops are also suitable for greening pergolas.

The perennial ornamental and useful plant needs little care. The only important thing is a suitable climbing aid on which the long shoots can wind up.


The saying: “There hops and malt are lost” means that all further efforts are in vain. It is due to the domestic beer production. If something went wrong, the beer couldn't be used, so the hops and malt were lost and could no longer be saved.