So you can enjoy the hyacinth in the pot for a long time

So you can enjoy the hyacinth in the pot for a long time

Buy hyacinth in a pot

When buying, make sure that the plant is as compact as possible. The bulb should peek out slightly from the top. If it's nice and big and firm, you can grab it.

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Take the plant out of the packaging immediately. Set them up in a cool and bright place until blossoms appear. Then the hyacinth can withstand somewhat higher temperatures.

How to care for the hyacinth in the pot

You must water the plant regularly before and during flowering, whenever the top layer of soil is dry. Prevent waterlogging. You do not need to fertilize freshly purchased hyacinths. Cut off dead flowers.

Some hyacinths have very large inflorescences with many small flowers. They lean slightly to one side, causing the pot to tip over. Ensure stability and, if necessary, tie the flower stalks to small plant supports.

After the flowering period provide for a rest period

  • Put the pot in a cool place
  • First water a little, then not at all
  • Chill very cold for several weeks
  • Repot
  • Place the pot warmer

The flowering period is followed by a long period of rest, during which the flower bulb recharges its batteries for the next year. Put the pot in a cool corner where it doesn't bother you. Pour only moderately. As soon as the leaves are yellow, there is no more watering. Just leave the plant to its own devices until autumn.

In order for the hyacinth to bloom next year, the pot must be set up for about eight weeks at temperatures between 0 and 6 degrees. If necessary, this can also be done in the refrigerator.

When the first flowers appear, pot the flower bulbs in fresh soil and place them in a warmer, light place.

Tips & Tricks

If you find it too laborious to bring hyacinths in pots over the winter, plant the flower bulbs in the garden after flowering. Then the hyacinth will bloom again in the next spring even without care.