Magnolia - raise a tree as a high trunk

Magnolia - raise a tree as a high trunk

Magnolias are actually large shrubs

From a botanical point of view, magnolias are actually not trees, but large shrubs - which can easily reach heights of between six and ten meters, depending on the variety. The woody plants often grow in width as they grow in height - they therefore need a lot of space in the garden. Small magnolias such as the mostly white-flowered star magnolia (Magnolia stellata) are suitable for small gardens, but they can still grow up to three meters high. However, a magnolia can also be raised as a high trunk, whereby you have to consistently develop a vertically growing main shoot as the trunk and eliminate side shoots immediately. Standard trunks are also available from specialist retailers, which are usually refined variants.These magnolias, also known as family bushes, are not exactly cheap, however.

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Planting conditions for standard magnolia trees

The same planting and care conditions apply to a standard magnolia trunk as to naturally growing magnolias. Depending on the variety, you have to plan enough space for the tall trunk and choose the location accordingly. As a rule of thumb, the trees need about half as much space in width as they are tall. However, some magnolias have a habit of growing more in width than in height. The soil should be rich in nutrients, humus and slightly acidic. Magnolias do not like alkaline (i.e. sandy) or overly heavy, loamy soil. In both cases it is important to either find an alternative or to improve the soil. The plants like a sunny and sheltered location where they can soak up the sun for at least four hours a day.

Tips & Tricks

Magnolias are best shown off as solitaires, ie you do not plant any other trees in the vicinity of the tree. Underplanting is also problematic, especially strongly water-drawing species or, for example, lawns. This removes the moisture it needs from the magnolia.