When is the best time to harvest marjoram?

When is the best time to harvest marjoram?

Harvest from summer to autumn

  • Harvest from summer
  • Particularly aromatic shortly before flowering
  • Cut only the upper third
  • Consume marjoram quickly
  • If necessary, preserve by drying

If you have sown marjoram outdoors, it will take about two months for the plants to be large enough to harvest.

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You can continue harvesting into autumn as long as the plant has enough new shoots.

Only harvest the top third of the stems

You harvest marjoram by cutting the top third of the stems with scissors or a sharp knife. You should not go any lower during harvest so that the marjoram can recover.

Do not just pluck the leaves from the marjoram, but cut the entire stem, as this will make the plant better branching.

Particularly aromatic shortly before flowering

If you want to preserve marjoram from your own garden for the winter, you should cut the branches before the flowers open.

At this time, the leaves contain a lot of essential oils. Since some flavorings are lost through preservation, it makes sense if the herb is particularly aromatic when harvested.

Consume marjoram as quickly as possible

If possible, only harvest as much marjoram as you actually need. The herb lasts for a while, but flavors are lost with every touch. The fresher you add marjoram to the soup or stew, the stronger the seasoning effect.

Unused herbs can be hung up to dry or soaked in oil. Marjoram is only partially suitable for freezing.

Tips & Tricks

It can often be read that marjoram may only be harvested until flowering. That's not true. All parts of the plant can be eaten without any problems as they do not contain any toxic substances, not even after flowering. In industrial cultivation, marjoram is even harvested and processed with flowers and stems.