Dahlias want a place in the sun

Dahlias want a place in the sun

A place in the Sun

So that dahlias develop many flowers for a long time, they need a location that corresponds as closely as possible to that of their home. Your requirements for the location are:

  • Warm
  • Sunny
  • Nutritious earth
  • Moderately moist
  • Never completely dry

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Plant georgines as sunny as possible. If you are growing dahlias in pots, place the tub on the patio in direct sunlight. The more shady the location, the fewer flowers the dahlias will develop.

Provide wind protection for large-flowered varieties

Depending on the variety, dahlias develop very small to almost plate-sized flowers. Large-flowered varieties should be planted sheltered from the wind so that the flowers do not break in the wind. To be on the safe side, you should tie them to supports.

Good, nutritious soil preferred

A soil that dahlias feel comfortable on is nice and loose so that the tubers can spread out. Rain or irrigation water must not accumulate because the dahlia bulbs then rot.

Dahlias thrive best in soils with a pH around 6.5.

Fertilize if necessary

Before planting out, you should make sure that the soil receives enough nutrients. Put compost, cattle manure (€ 17.80 on Amazon *) or horn shavings (€ 6.39 on Amazon *) in the planting holes.

When fertilizing your georgines later, use only organic, low-nitrogen fertilizers.

Tips & Tricks

Mulch blankets are not recommended for dahlias. They increase the risk that the soil will become too moist and the tubers will rot. The mulch material also attracts snails and voles.