Woran kann es liegen, wenn die Feige keine Früchte trägt?

Woran kann es liegen, wenn die Feige keine Früchte trägt?

Häufigste Ursache: Befruchtungsprobleme

In unserem Klima tragen ausschließlich selbstbefruchtende Feigenbäume Früchte. Feigensorten, die weibliche und männliche Blüten hervorbringen, benötigen für die Bestäubung die Hilfe der Feigenwespe. Diese Gallwespenart kann jedoch nur in sehr warmen Lebensräumen südlich der Alpen überleben.

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Hormonal processes in the plant

Unfavorable weather conditions can seriously disrupt the plant's hormonal balance so that it does not produce any fruit. Possible reasons for this are:

  • sudden onset of winter
  • unusual warm periods in January or February
  • Rainy periods

Over-fertilization makes the fig lazy to flower

Many owners suspect that a lack of nutrient supply is the cause of the lack of fruit set and therefore increase the fertilizer dose. As a result, the fig grows very strongly and produces numerous new branches and leaves; however, does not produce fruits. In this case, stop applying the fertilizer completely for some time and observe whether the plant forms flowers.

Strong pruning

In our latitudes the fig fruits only grow on the annual wood. If it is necessary to severely prune the wood in spring, the result can be a complete failure of the harvest. Be patient and give the tree time to recover from this pruning. In most cases the fig will flower again in the following spring.

Winter cold

Even fig trees that have to be cross-pollinated produce flowers in the form of small, bottle-shaped figs. If the collective fruits are not fertilized, the tree sheds these figs. If the wood does not produce these flowers either, the annual shoots of the fig will be completely frozen in winter. In this case, ensure good winter protection in the future or transplant the fig in a tub and overwinter the fruit trees in a frost-free room.

Too rich fruit set

Some figs bloom abundantly, which they shed again the size of grapes. Here it can help to pick off some of the collective crops. As a result, the plant puts all its energy into the remaining fruits.

Tips & Tricks

Strongly frozen figs often sprout below the surface and below the processing point. In this case, trees that are not rooted form inflorescences that would have to be cross-fertilized.