What tools are needed for weeding?

What tools are needed for weeding?
  • Pig tooth
  • hoe
  • Pendulum hoe
  • Pickaxe
  • Weeding hoe
  • Weeding loop
  • Root digger
  • Weed cutter
  • Joint knife
  • Flaming device

in more detail and explain how the devices work.

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Pig tooth

This device has a single, arched tine, which is provided with a share. Depending on the intended use, the tool is available with a long handle and a small version with a short handle. With the sow tooth you loosen up the soil without disturbing the soil layers and you can easily pick out weeds.


These are available in different designs with rounded, trapezoidal, movable or double leaf as well as in wide or very narrow versions. This means that this garden tool can be tailored to the respective purpose.

Here are a few examples:

Pendulum hoe

This device had long been forgotten. Due to the growing environmental awareness, the pendulum hoe is experiencing a renaissance. The double-edged, movable steel blade of this hoe cuts weeds just below the upper soil layer. You do not have to remove the weeds, you can leave them in the bed as a layer of mulch.


This tool, which is available in a variant with a long handle and handle, is ideal for removing weeds in beds. The soil is loosened so that weeds can be picked out easily.

Weeding hoe

This has a sharp blade that is pulled through the ground. Weeds are cut off while at the same time the earth is loosened, but not messed up. This tool enables targeted work and is therefore very suitable for weeding between closely spaced plants.

Weeding loop

This device is similar to the pendulum hoe. The weeding loop has a metal loop that is pulled through the ground. Here, the roots of the weeds are severed. As the loop is fixed, you can work with the device without injuring neighboring plants.

Root digger

Weeds like dandelions have long tap roots that reach deep into the ground. With the root cutter you can pierce the soil next to the plant and lift it out of the ground.

Weed cutter

With this, weeds with tap roots that do not exceed a certain size can be easily removed. The gripper arms are positioned directly over the center of the plant. Due to the leverage of the device, the weeds are completely pulled out of the ground without any effort.

Joint knife

You can use the grout knife to mechanically scrape growths out of the cracks between the paving stones. This is relatively easy due to the shape of this tool.

Flaming device

Weed burners are operated electrically or with gas. This means that weeds can be removed from large, paved areas with relatively little effort. The weeds that have dried up due to the effects of heat can then be swept away.


If you want to prevent the weed seeds from sprouting again and again, you should cover the soil with a layer of mulch five to ten centimeters thick. You can use grass clippings, bark mulch, or mulch compost for this purpose.