Caring for the tropical kaffir lime properly

Caring for the tropical kaffir lime properly

Which location does the kaffir lime prefer?

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The kaffir lime comes from the tropics and needs a sunny, sheltered location. It doesn't tolerate cold or frost at all.

What must the substrate be like?

The substrate should be permeable - the fine roots of the plant do not tolerate waterlogging - and also slightly acidic. Commercially available lemon earth is best. Use a layer of expanded clay (€ 17.50 on Amazon *) at the bottom of the pot to ensure that the water drains properly.

How much water does the kaffir lime need?

The water requirement is moderate. The soil in the pot should not be permanently wet, otherwise the roots will rot. It is best to always water when the top substrate layer has dried. The soil should be slightly damp after watering, but not wet. Rainwater is best.

When and with what should the kaffir lime be fertilized?

Mix special citrus soil into the substrate in spring. The fertilization is repeated regularly during the growing season. Pale / light green leaves are an indication of deficiency symptoms.

When do I have to repot my kaffir lime?

Repot your kaffir lime every spring and provide it with fresh substrate. Older plants only need to move to a larger pot every two to three years.

Can the kaffir lime stand on the balcony / terrace?

Yes absolutely. However, the location must be protected from the wind, as the plant cannot tolerate drafts.

How is the kaffir lime overwintered?

In winter the kaffir lime has to be taken indoors as it is very sensitive to cold. You should place the tree in a bright room at around 10 ° C, watering it occasionally. In contrast, fertilization is not necessary in winter.

Does the kaffir lime have to be cut back?

Yes, it is best to cut the sapling back in spring and remove any diseased or dead shoots. In addition, lighting is necessary so that your kaffir lime is adequately supplied with light.

Which diseases / pests are common?

If the air in the room is too dry, spider mites often appear. Otherwise, the kaffir lime is plagued by the same pests and diseases as the lemon.

Tips & Tricks

The leaves, either cut into fine strips or whole, are an essential component of soups, sauces and various dishes in Thai cuisine. In addition, fresh, dried and candied fruits can be used for the production of beverages and as a spice, especially their peel. The leaves should be frozen, but not dried.