Planting firebeans in the garden and on the balcony

Planting firebeans in the garden and on the balcony

Prefer firebeans indoors

From April you can prefer firebeans indoors. You need small flower pots or yoghurt pots with soil, in which you place the bean seeds two to three centimeters deep. For faster germination, let the seeds swell in water overnight.

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The seeds germinate within one to two weeks on the warm windowsill. The fire bean is sensitive to moisture, so the nursery pot is only kept slightly moist. You can plant the young firebeans outdoors from mid-May.

Sow firebeans directly into the bed

From mid-May you can also sow firebeans directly in the bed:

  • Soak the bean seeds overnight
  • Loosen the soil
  • the soil should be dry and at least 10 degrees Celsius warm for sowing
  • Set up trellises in the bed
  • Sow six to ten seeds 2 to 3 cm deep in a circle around the pole
  • Cover with soil and water lightly
  • a minimum distance between the climbing aids of 40 cm and between the rows of one meter

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Sow fire beans in a container for the balcony

If you want to grow firebeans on the balcony, you need a container with a diameter of at least 45 cm. The vessel is filled with simple garden soil, which you enrich with horn shavings (€ 6.39 at Amazon *) or compost. About five to six seeds are inserted two to three cm deep into the earth and covered with substrate.

Tips & Tricks

Firebeans are particularly well suited for topping willow tipis. They develop dense foliage and at the same time adorn with their decorative flowers. But be careful: beans are poisonous and therefore not a snack for children.