Plant lily bulbs in the right location

Plant lily bulbs in the right location

When is the planting time for the bulbs?

The planting time for lily bulbs begins in March. The onions should be in the ground by May at the latest. Otherwise you run the risk of not blooming in the same.

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Alternatively, the onions can be planted in autumn in mild locations. But be careful: The Madonna lily and the Turkish lily are exceptions. In contrast to the other lily species, they are planted in late summer.

Which location and soil are suitable for the onions?

The bulbs should be planted in a warm and bright spot. There they are perfectly stimulated to expel. Later, a location is important for the lilies where they have sun above (leaves and flowers) and shade below (root area).

The soil in which the bulbs are planted should be slightly basic to slightly acidic. Good drainage is important so that excess water can drain away unhindered. Other important aspects are:

  • high nutritional content
  • moderate to high humus content
  • moist environment

How much space is left between each onion?

Lily bulbs that are planted too close together have problems sprouting or developing into vital plants. Therefore, a certain plant spacing should be important. The distance must be measured depending on the type and variety. The minimum size is 20 cm between the individual onions.

How is planting done?

Only bulbs that are firm and healthy should be used for planting. Pay attention when buying! Otherwise it could be that the onions are infected with diseases, rot and do not sprout in the first place.

How to proceed:

  • Dig the planting hole twice the size of the onion
  • Loosen the earth
  • add some compost
  • Place the onion in the planting hole
  • The tip of the onion should be facing up
  • Fill in the planting hole
  • Press the earth firmly and pour it in vigorously
  • if necessary, apply a layer of bark mulch

Tips & Tricks

Before you plant the onions, you can remove some of the onion scales. They are used to multiply lilies.

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