Do you have to cut a European beech?

Do you have to cut a European beech?

Single beeches do not need pruning

If you have enough space in the garden, just let the common beech grow. It takes up to 40 years for the tree to fully grow.

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However, a common beech can become quite large, so pruning is inevitable in small gardens.

If you want to shorten an older copper beech, inquire beforehand with the municipality whether this is allowed. Above a certain height, the trees fall under nature conservation regulations and may not simply be cut.

When can you cut a European beech?

  • First cut in spring
  • second cut at the end of July
  • no longer cut from August

It is best to cut the European beech in early spring, preferably in February. The European beech will sprout again from March and should then no longer be cut. She would lose too much sap as a result.

A slight pruning is still possible at the end of July. However, you shouldn't cut the European beech later in the year.

Cut young beeches after planting

In the case of young European beeches, pruning is indicated after planting in autumn. The crown is shortened by a third, above each eye. At least three buds should remain on the shoot.

The aim of this pruning is to encourage the European beech to branch better and to form new shoots. This gives it a bushier crown.

Water the beech well after cutting

In order for the European beech to recover quickly from cutting, it needs a lot of water. Then water the tree abundantly, but avoid waterlogging.

European beeches can be grown well as bonsai

Red beech is very easy to cut and is therefore very popular in bonsai cultivation. If possible, the shape of the bonsai is only achieved by cutting and less by wire.


The cuttings of a European beech can be chopped very well. The twigs cut into small pieces are ideal for covering the ground under the beech tree. Finely chopped red beech is an ideal mulch cover for other plants as well.