Can a mango really ripen?

Can a mango really ripen?

How do you recognize a really ripe mango?

A ripe mango gives off an intense scent. You'll notice it before you pick up the fruit. The peel of the mango gives way with a light finger pressure. Please do not press too hard, otherwise the mango could easily start to rot at this point.

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Another characteristic of a ripe mango is its plump flesh. On the closed fruit you can only see this at the base of the stem. This then protrudes slightly, while with an unripe mango it is more likely to sit in a depression.

What's the best way to ripen a mango?

If you have bought an unripe mango, you can let it ripen. The prerequisite, however, is that it has not been stored too cold before, if possible not during transport. Otherwise it can happen that the mango becomes rotten rather than ripe.

It is best to wrap your mango in newspaper so that it ripens evenly and store the mango at room temperature. But don't forget to check regularly to see how far your mango has ripened.

If the mango begins to smell sour or alcoholic, then it is overripe and is already beginning to rot. You shouldn't eat such a fruit anymore. A mango ripens particularly quickly near apples or ripe mangoes. This is due to a ripening-promoting gas that these fruits secrete.

The essentials in brief:

  • do not store in the refrigerator
  • store at room temperature
  • wrap in newspaper
  • store next to ripe apples
  • keep with a ripe mango

Tips & Tricks

Check your post-ripening mango at least once a day, otherwise you will miss the optimal ripening point and get annoyed if your mango is spoiled.