The terrarium is the ideal refuge for these orchids

The terrarium is the ideal refuge for these orchids

Warm house orchids love a life in the terrarium - a selection of varieties

It is primarily warm house orchids that achieve their optimum in the regulated climate of a terrarium. Specifically, this applies to all exotic species and varieties that want a temperature level of at least 18-20 degrees Celsius.

  • Phalaenopsis - also known as butterfly orchid, moth orchid or malay flower
  • Vanda - the ideal orchid to be tied on a branch
  • Dendrobium phalaenopsis - also known as the grape orchid
  • Epidendrum - the warmth-loving orchid from the rainforests of South America
  • Oncidium - also known as the bird's head orchid or callus orchid

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In addition to the classic orchids for the windowsill, rare exotic plants transform the terrarium into an eye-catcher. These include treasures such as Cirrhopetalum bicolor, the innovative new breed from Asia or Doritaenopsis, with a year-round bloom. With its unique exotic charm, the Aerangis scented orchid stands out in the display case with its pure white flowers.

Orchids for the small terrarium

Where the space only allows a small terrarium, small orchid species are happy to be there. Apart from the Phalaenopsis, which are specifically grown as mini orchids, the following species remain naturally small in growth:

  • Ionopsis utricularioides - a rarity from the forests of Paraguay and Brazil
  • Amesiella minor - the pretty little one with flowers up to 2 cm in size
  • Aerangis biloba - the small orchid from Madagascar and Africa
  • Barbosella cucullata - the tiny orchid gem that likes to perch on a branch

This terrarium colonizes the soil in the terrarium

We have discovered the breathtaking Macodes sanderiana for you in order to plant the ground in the large terrarium in a natural way, which only thrives terrestrially. The jewel orchid inspires with beautiful decorative leaves that set decorative accents even outside of the flowering period.


The ideal floor covering for a terrarium with orchids is expanded clay. (€ 17.50 at Amazon *) The inorganic material enriches the perfect orchid substrate not only as a valuable component. Scattered on the floor of the showcase, the globules absorb excess moisture and release it again when the air is too dry.