The watermelon as a treat for the dog

The watermelon as a treat for the dog

Every dog ​​reacts individually to watermelons

In principle, it cannot be said in general whether the watermelon as a fruit is safe for a dog or not. Although the consumption of certain amounts of watermelons is not poisonous for dogs, some dogs can also have negative reactions to the unusual snack. As with any fruit, you should therefore always feed your dog small pieces first and then wait to see whether this provokes any health reactions. In the worst case, your dog will either not eat the watermelon at all or will react to this sugar and water containing fruit with diarrhea.

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Hand-feed the chilled melons

Dogs also suffer from the heat in midsummer and are sometimes more interested in pieces of watermelon if they have been kept cool in the cellar or in the refrigerator. It is better not to give your dog large pieces of melon with a shell, even if you believe that these give the dog more play and activity. If you prefer to feed pieces of the red pulp directly from your hand, there is no risk that the dog could choke on a piece of the sometimes quite hard shell.

The best melons for dogs

In addition to watermelons, other types of melons can be found in the supermarket during the main melon season in summer:

  • Honeydew melon
  • Charentais melon
  • Sugar melon

Like the watermelon, these melons can be fed in small pieces, but they often contain more sugar than the watermelon. A watermelon with a few seeds is therefore better suited as a treat for dogs.

Tips & Tricks

Puree some watermelon and freeze it in the ice cube maker to make delicious water ice for dogs.