What fits together? Good neighbors in the vegetable garden

What fits together? Good neighbors in the vegetable garden

Good neighbors in the vegetable garden - an overview

The experience that has grown over decades and centuries often shows which plants “can” each other particularly well. Other vegetables, on the other hand, do not harmonize at all and only hinder each other's growth: These should therefore be cultivated separately from one another. The following table provides information about who goes together and who doesn't.

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Vegetable plantGood neighborsNeutral neighborsBad neighbors
BeansStrawberries, cucumber, potatoes, cabbage, kohlrabi, lettuce, celery, tomatoesSwiss chard, carrots, radishes, spinach, zucchiniPeas, fennel, garlic, leek, onions
PeasFennel, cucumber, cabbage, kohlrabi, lettuce, carrots, radishes, zucchiniStrawberries, Swiss chard, celery, spinachBeans, potatoes, garlic, leek, tomatoes, onions
StrawberriesBeans, garlic, lettuce, leek, radishes, spinach, onionsPeas, fennel, cucumber, potatoes, kohlrabi, carrots, tomatoes, zucchiniTypes of cabbage
CucumbersBeans, peas, fennel, garlic, cabbage, lettuce, leek, celery, onionsStrawberries, potatoes, kohlrabi, carrots, spinach, zucchiniRadishes, radish, tomatoes
PotatoesCabbage, kohlrabi, spinachBeans, strawberries, fennel, garlic, lettuce, leek, radishes, spinach, onionsPeas, cucumber, carrots, celery, tomatoes
garlicStrawberries, cucumber, carrots, beetroot, tomatoesFennel, potatoes, lettuce, kohlrabi, leek, radishes, celery, spinach, zucchini, onionsBeans, peas, cabbage
Types of cabbageBeans, peas, potatoes, lettuce, Swiss chard, leek, beetroot, celery, spinach, tomatoesFennel, cucumber, cabbage, carrots, radishes, radish, zucchiniStrawberries, garlic, kohlrabi, onions
KohlrabiBeans, peas, potatoes, lettuce, leek, radishes, beetroot, celery, spinach, tomatoesStrawberries, fennel, cucumber, garlic, kohlrabi, carrots, radish, zucchiniTypes of cabbage, onions
LettuceBeans, peas, strawberries, fennel, cucumber, cabbage, kohlrabi, carrots, leek, radishes, beetroot, tomatoes, onionsPotatoes, garlic, lettuce, Swiss chard, radish, spinach, zucchinicelery
Swiss chardCabbage, carrots, radishes, radishall otherno
CarrotsPeas, garlic, Swiss chard, leek, radishes, radish, tomatoes, onionsBeans, strawberries, fennel, cucumber, lettuce, cabbage, kohlrabi, carrots, spinach, zucchiniPotatoes
leekStrawberries, cabbage, kohlrabi, lettuce, carrots, celery, tomatoesFennel, cucumber, potatoes, garlic, Swiss chard, leek, radish, radish, spinach, zucchini, onionsBeans, peas, beetroot
radishBeans, peas, cabbage, kohlrabi, lettuce, chard, carrots, spinach, tomatoesStrawberries, fennel, potatoes, garlic, leek, radishes, radish, beetroot, celery, zucchini, onionsCucumbers
tomatoesBeans, garlic, cabbage, kohlrabi, lettuce, carrots, leek, radishes, radish, beetroot, celery, spinachStrawberries, Swiss chard, zucchini, onionsPeas, fennel, cucumber, potatoes
zucchiniPeas, beetroot onionsall otherno


Many herbs, especially from the Mediterranean region, keep pests and even fungal and bacterial pathogens away. Therefore, these also belong in the mixed vegetable patch.